Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WIP #3

I'm sitting here looking out of my window

and it's snowing AGAIN! {{{sigh}}

I can't remember a winter with so much 


I'm taking some of my Baltimore blocks 

and making them into wall hangings.

This one just needed a little more hand quilting

and I also added some embroidery - a binding

and finished!

"Rose Wreath with Red Birds"
This block can be found in "Baltimore Beauties 
and Beyond" Volume One by Elly Sienkiewicz.
This block is dated 1854.

I used the back basting method on this piece
for needle turn applique.

It measures about 20" x 20" finished.

Here's a very good tutorial by
I added some embroidery around the flowers

 Sleeve added

There are many tutorials on how to add

a sleeve to your quilt but I like Susan's

You can find it here Sleeve

I'm making good progress in finishing

my WIP (works in progress) - it's very


I hope that you're inspired to finish yours



The other day we had warm air coming

in  and with the snow still on the ground

it created a very dense fog.

It looks so eerie! But I think it has some
kind of mystifying beauty.

Of course my little friend was back!

He probably can't wait for spring either!

Have a great week and Happy Quilting!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

WIP - #2 Finished

Thank goodness all of the snow is

finally melting! 

I know that there are many quilters

like me who have a lot of WIP (Works

in Progress) or UFO (Unfinished Object)

just hanging around.

Some of them are experiments, a new

technique, a new pattern that looked

like fun.... whatever. 

We spend lots of money (fabric is not

cheap) and buy books and patterns -

and also a great amount of time and

energy on the project.

That's why I am determined to finish


 This table runner just needed a 

little more hand quilting and a 


I wanted to try the French Braid and

I didn't want a large project.

It's 64 1/2" long and 14 1/4" wide.

This is a very easy pattern - great for


Here's a very good tutorial 

French Braid Pattern 

I think that this pattern would also be

very pretty as a border.


I was so excited to see a new visitor

on my deck!

It's a Yellow bellied Sapsucker!

I have never seen one here before.

And of course my regular was back.

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Coin Quilt finished

 Here's the post that shows how I quilted it
Process Here

Well the weather has been crazy not 

only here in Lancaster but across the country!

Lots and lots of snow and ice!

Which gave me time to finish the Coin Quilt

that I was working on in my previous post.

(For sale in my Etsy shop HERE)

The stitches are big stitch as I mentioned,I quilted

in straight rows. The threads are various colors

which match the fabric.

 I enjoy making  coin quilts as it's a way of showcasing
 your fabrics.

 After it is washed you can see the little puffs

which I like to do in children's quilts. I feel

that they should be cuddly for them not too

flat with a lot of quilting. 

It's a small crib quilt which measures 33 1/2"

by 37 1/2".

 The back is a pretty pink floral.

 I'm happy that another WIP quilt top is finished!

Now to pick the next one which will also probably

be hand quilted. 

The weather forecast is saying - what else - more

snow! ugh

The other day we had snow and ice which resulted

in many, many of my tree limbs cracking and falling.

 I am happy that it missed my windows but so

sad because it broke my rose trellis! 

 Too much snow and ice for the poor trees

to bear.

 What a mess! I'm so happy that my swing

was not broken!

 All the way down to the little creek tree limbs

everywhere.  Way in the back are branches

of my neighbor's Willow tree which was so

beautiful.  I cannot even bear to go down there

and look.  All these fallen limbs caused power

outages all over and we lost power for one day.

Some people still don't have any.

I'm still feeding the birds which gives me so

much joy! They are so much fun to watch.

Morning Dove

                                                       A Bluejay with attitude

This is one of my favorite birds! She's a small 

Red bellied woodpecker. I took this before the 

storm.  I'm shooting through my glass sliding 

doors. Sometimes the photo comes out good

sometimes not.

These birds light up the dreary winter months.

Stay warm and Happy Quilting!