Sunday, February 1, 2009

Charity Quilts

We have had bad weather all week. Snow and ice in
mid-week and very, very, cold. So, to ward off those
winter blues; I did my charity quilts this week ~
for my Guild ~ The Red Rose Quilters Guild.
Move QOV strippy blocks which go very fast.

I also found a block I liked very much at;
it's called Aunt Dinah:

I also finished more of the applique blocks for the Breast Cancer Quilt:

I love this block - although there is a mistake in it but I won't
say where. (-: I'm thinking of adding some embroidery around
it. You can faintly see the line in the back of a heart shape. That's
where I'll probably put some embroidery stitches. Here's where
I found the pattern: Craft and Fabric links.

This one is called Posy Folk Art and I found the pattern here:
Patch Pieces

This one I think is really cute. I might embroider some eyes.
Here's where I found this pattern:
Bella on Line

I'm satisfied that I had a very productive week! Now the forecast
for Tuesday is "we may have another winter storm"! ugh
Good thing I have a list of things "to do".
Is it spring yet?