Saturday, December 15, 2012

Free Motion

Last month I took a free motion class

with Teresa Fusco.

The class was titled "Feathers, Feathers, Feathers!"

Please visit her web page; her

quilts are just gorgeous! 

Teresa taught us how to draw feathers

free hand in corners, squares, triangles of your quilts and

also along the borders.

A great learning experience for all!

Here I am at home

practicing in a square!

What is it about feathers - we just love them!


We had a Tote bag challenge at our guild this year.

We were given 5 pieces of fabric and were allowed

to use just 2 pieces of our own to make the tote.

Here I'm auditioning   a piece of my gold shiny

fabric with the fabric that I was given. This is

harder than I thought!

Unfortunately, I had  to miss the Guild's Christmas

Party this year but.....

I was told that my bag won - Best Use of Fabric.

The bags that were submitted will go to Domestic

Violence Services here in Lancaster County.

Happy quilting!