Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Computer Fixed! (fingers crossed)

I have not used my computer in almost
a month! Checked my e-mail by using
the library's computer. The problem
with my computer was that it would
freeze after it was on for 10 minutes.
I have a Gateway that is only a little
over one year old. But thank goodness
I bought an extended contract! Oh,
my monitor also went out. I had to
ship that back and now am using my
old monitor which I'm glad I saved.

Anyways, my computer is practically
rebuilt. First they replaced the hard drive
(I lost a lot of my stuff that I didn't (foolishly)
put on a CD. ) When that didn't work -
they put in a new Mother Board and fan.
Now it works great! It took my all day
yesterday to load all of the drivers and
updates from Microsoft - all 88 of them!

Without the computer; I did manage
to get a lot done.

I took a workshop from my Guild ~
The Red Rose Quilters Guild last
month from Libby Kube Hage
We did Libby's quilt "My Blue Heaven",
her own design, using
Tri-Rec rulers by Darlene Zimmerman & Joy Hoffman

I decided to make mine red, white and blue.
It still needs sashing and a border but I'm
very happy that I got this far.

The rulers are very easy to use and I always
wanted to learn how to make this star.
I think it's the same as Fifty-Four or Fight

I also managed to get 2 baby quilts completed,
which I'll post during the week.

Right now I have to catch up on reading
blogs and get caught up on what everyone's
is doing.