Sunday, July 26, 2015

The garden is very happy after a nice

soaking rain.

I have been experimenting with more

fabric manipulation before dyeing.

Including some sun prints - I love the 

results of this piece.

I used 100% Kona Cotton The thread count for kona cotton is 60 by 60
a tighter weave and a heavier weight

I do not buy PDF(prepared for dyeing) fabric - I wash all of my fabric in very
hot water and washing soda to remove sizing and chemicals - at this point the fabric also shrinks. What this means to you is that you should not have any significant shrinkage after washing my (pre-treated) fabrics.

I used two different technique in this piece

 - stitch resist and pole wrapped Arashi 

Shibori -- Colors are Aqua and black with 

some greys - very striking!

Have a great week!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer is my dyeing time and it gives

me an opportunity to try new techniques

or just try to improve some old ones.

I love the ghost like images in the

background of this shibori piece!

This piece came out a little lighter

and I was using the same colors - always

a surprise. 

I think either piece would make nice

background fabric for a quilt or use

in an art quilt as Tree Bark.

I used Greys, Blacks, Browns and Raw Sienna.

This piece has fine wavy lines of greys with

 a light hue of pinks.

Heavier on the pinks here and I didn't

push the fabric down as tight.

All are Pole wrapped - Arashi Shibori,

which I am hooked on right now.

Happy Quilting and Dyeing!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Posting for a customer


Group #1

                                                                       Group #2

                                                                            Group #3