Friday, October 24, 2008


I really have to learn more about publishing on this Blog.
I had comments waiting and didn't notice them. Sorry.
Eventually I'll get the hang of things.

This past week I've been cleaning out my closets and came
across a "raggy sweatshirt" that I took a class for 2 yrs. ago.
The instructor said to put it in the washer and dryer and
it would come out really raggy. She wasn't kidding! and
I hated it. So I cut it apart again and sewed all over
it in a free motion 'crazy' way to cover all of the raggy
edges. Then it was returned to hide in the closet.

I've been practicing putting zippers in; I haven't done
that in years. So I decided to make a small bag to put
my sewing supplies in for class or workshops. This
is a piece of my raggy sweatshirt. I just recycled it!
I really like it and the way it turned out.

This is was second project that I did this week.
I used the scraps of my painted fabric for this needle
book. It's my first attempt at trying something "artsy".

While I was dyeing fabric on my deck this past summer,
a little leaf fell from the tree onto my fabric. I grabbed
at it and told it "You're going to become an experiment".
I painted it with gold paint on both sides, waited for it
to dry and then coated it with Mod Podge onto the cloth.

The woman on the opposite side; I found somewhere
on the internet. I sketched her with a black thin tip
magic marker pen. I just wanted to see how the
magic marker worked on fabric. I thought it
would run or spread but it didn't - although I
did work fast, just in case in would.

I'm happy with both of my experiments this week.