Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dyeing Naturally - Hibiscus

I have been reading a couple of blogs

that have dyed fabric with Hibiscus (dried)


I loved the results that they were getting with

the pink to rose colors.

I googled to find other web sites that told

you what colors you can achieve with certain

plants, flowers et.  Hibiscus was always

listed as a pink.

I followed one blog's instruction using

vinegar to soak the fabric.

I first placed the flower heads in a

nylon stocking secured with a rubber band

at one end. This way I won't have to strain it.

I also used my tap water.

I lightly boil my Hibiscus flowers in a stainless

steel pot (only used for this purpose) and

I start to see a nice beautiful almost red

color. Now I'm excited and place my fabric;

which I just did a quick shibori tie in

4 places.

I had the heat on low for about 2 hours,

shut off and left over night.

Took out the fabric and let it dry completely

and gave it a light iron.

Here's what it looked like

 It's pretty and pink! 

 I then put it in water with a light detergent

and then my heart sunk. It had turned a bluish


 It's still pretty but not pink!

I belong to an eco dyeing group on FB and showed

the group what had happened and to ask if there

was something that I missed....??

Someone suggested that I use distilled water instead

of my tap water.  (good idea) 

My next test to follow.

My point in putting this on my blog is that you

can't believe everything you read on the internet.

(including me)  LOL

So the blogs that I saw with the pretty pink from

the hibiscus flowers probably didn't wash their

fabric. When they finally did I bet they got a

big surprise! 

Back later on this week with the results of my next test.