Monday, November 22, 2010

WIP completed

I finally completed two of my WIP
(Works In Progress) quilts.

One is a scrappy quilt - have to use
up those scraps!

I have 3 boxes filled with strips of all sizes.

Did you notice what happens when you use
your scraps? They seem to multiply..
I now have scraps left over from my scraps.
It like never ending.......

One complete! This will be quilted by a member
of my Guild - Kim. Can't wait!

The second completed quilt is Wonky Cat Stars.

This was made with left over scraps.

This Fons & Porter ruler is
great for cutting out Half Square Triangles!

If you would be interested in learning how
to make Wonky Stars - Victoria at Silly Boo Dilly
has a wonderful step by step tutorial.
Click HERE for the tutorial.

Layout - I had lots of strips left so I decided to add
some sashing.

These blocks are addicting - once you start you can't

I just love this little kitty fabric!
I just love the color combo on this quilt - as a
matter of fact I think it's the 3rd one I did.
So now it's time to Stop! This quilt will also
be quilted by Kim.

On the right side bar you will see the new
BOM by Dawn - it's called Folk Art Tribute.
If you would like to join just click on it
and it will take you to Dawn's first pattern.

I am 3 blocks behind but catching up! I have
block #1 all cut out and pinned. I'm using
what ever I have in my stash - so not sure
what it will look like.
I had a bolt of white fabric but didn't think it
would look appropriate for that folksy look -
so I tea dyed about 3 yards.
This is Block #2 all cut out - I have this fabric for
about 3 yrs. so about time I'm using it!

After I finished my Landscape Quilt from my
Quilty buddy Kathi's class (What fun!) I decided
to use some left over fabric to make my first

I got the image from the Graphics Fairy - see my
sidebar on the right. I did some practice free motion
embroidery on it. Kind of halloweeny looking (-:

Lancaster is fast becoming an very Artsy place!
Please bare that in mind if you come here for
a vacation.
My first visit to ---

Art on The Farm

I love this giant bug hanging from the ceiling!
And watching the Artist in action.
Beautiful works of art here and will surly go
back next year!

To leave the area; you had go ride through the
cornfield. A real experience for a City girl!

Friday, November 5, 2010

IQF + My photos

I am so happy to report that 2 of my
photos were selected to be in
"The Eye of The Quilter" Exhibit at
the International Quilt Festival in
Houston, Texas!
The subject is "Reflections" -
"Provide a brief statement about how
this image is used in your reflection as a quilter."
The photo must also have a Title.

"Our everyday lives are filled with reflections
of what see, we think, hope, hate, dream, and feel."

Stages of Growth - Leaning how to quilt was
a great excitement for me. Traditional piecing
and appliqueing thrilled me but I wanted more.
To develop my own style, be more intuitive
and to add more of an artistic flair to my quilts.


To me a rainbow is a magical image; the colors
glorious. This scene to me is peaceful, quiet and tranquil.
It's what I need when I'm designing a new quilt -
to hear wht it is saying to me. I want to bring
the magic out in my work.


Thank you to my Quilt and FB friend Beth for the suggestion!


I finally learned how to use "Pages" on Blogger.

On top is list of Pages that You can view of
my WIP - Works in Progress and I'm also
adding "The Process"

for "I Took the Process
Pledge" by Rossie.