Friday, April 4, 2014

Stash Busting 2 - Strip Quilts

I'm making progress using some of my


I was thinking what patterns I could make

to use up some of the purple fabrics that

I had. 

I saw a strip quilt on Pinterest and decided

to try one. 

I used some out of print fabrics that I was

saving for what - I don't know....?  It felt

good to finally use them.

 The back is one solid piece of purple polka dots.

For the quilting; I used channel straight line 

with my walking foot. 

This measures about 37" x 39".

I had so much fun (and a lot of left over fabric)

that I decided to make another one.

 # 2 - I added more purples and a piece

of my hand dyed fabric in blue. And also

some of the purple polka dot fabric left over

from the back of #1.  As a matter of fact -

that middle row with all of the different

rectangles is a cut off of #1 also. 

 Channel straight line quilting on this one

also. But I had no backing - so I had to break

down and buy some. 

 Pretty in purples chevron pattern - gives

it a very modern look. 

This one measures about 34" x 40".

These were fun and they're easy to make

and use up some of your stash.

I've also collected 2 more bags to donate.

Spring cleaning!   I have one more bin

to go through.


I took a walk in the back of my yard -

since all of the snow had melted - Yay!

And spotted these pretty little crocus shooting


 I walked further down by the little creek

and peeked in  at the bottom of the tree

and saw some strange fungi growing.

And then further down I couldn't believe

my eyes.

 My Neighbors - tree limbs all over the place

from the storm that we had. What a mess!

But you know I was thinking that better

down there than close to the house like

I had. It was one terrible winter all over.

I have to thank my son for sawing and 

taking away all of the fallen limbs. 

Happy Quilting!