Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Star Wars Quilt finished!

Star Wars is finally finished!

I started R2D2 here:


Progress here:


I made the quilt in sections for quilting - quilt as you go.

 Minimal quilting - I didn't want it over quilted.

Then sewed the sections together.

There are many great tutorials on the web for
Quilt as you go. 

                     The finished quilt is about 60" x 60"

It was fun designing this quilt for my daughter and
son-in-law! They love it!

I always had problems with my binding until I found

Sharon Schamber's tutorial on youtube.  It's  easy

to follow  and the best part of it is - no pins! 

There are more videos on youtube from Sharon Please be sure to check them out! Have a very Happy New Year!