Tuesday, May 3, 2011


L'Chaim is Hebrew - used to toast a person
or to a couples health - or just something in general.

The literal meaning "To Life"!

Today was one of those days where I felt..
... I really don't know what word to use..
maybe "spiritual" or "in sync" with the
universe? Wow that sounds so 60's!
Or how about "oneness" or "in perfect
harmony" .. whatever. Ever feel that way?

While shopping in a store - did you ever
make eye contact with someone and then
at the same exact moment you both smile
and say "hello" to each other. And you don't
even know them and have never seen them before!

I asked a friend about this once and she said
that it happens to her. Her explanation was
that your inner spirits recognize one another..?
Kindred spirits maybe.
All I know that when it happens it makes
me very happy ... don't know why that is but
it does.
And this is how my day progressed.

There's a robin red-breast that has taken
residence in a small tree by my front door.
Every time I come out or go in she goes
crazy twittering away. Kind of like yelling
at me. So when I came home from shopping;
she wasn't there. I suspected that she was
guarding her nest and sure enough I found
a nest with 4 little baby birds! I took advantage
of her absence and grabbed for my camera before
her return. I gently pushed aside the branches
(I didn't want to scare the little ones to death!)
and I proceeded to take several shots.

Here's the nest.
I have to come in a little closer without
scaring them.

Oh wow! I was never this close to
a bird's nest before this!

I guess they're waiting for some
juicy worms.

I had my camera set on Macro.
You can see the little hairs... future
feathers on his head! Aren't they


Onward to the Garden!

"Almost there"

Such glorious colors!

Doesn't it seem like everything turned
green so fast!

And finally

Folk Art Tribute

Dawn just published the last block.
The basket block on the bottom.
The pieces are cut out and backed with
freezer paper, the binding is pressed.
Now I just need to applique everything
The middle block is hand quilted.
This will probably take me all summer
to hand quilt! I love it!
Thank you Dawn!

Psalm 92
For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work:
I will triumph in the works of thy hands.