Sunday, April 13, 2014

Pouchettes - Hand dyed shibori fabric

I have been dyeing fabric for a couple

of years now and have accumulated 

another stash! 

I've made several hand bags out of some

of the fabrics and they all sold out in

my Etsy shop last year.  So I decided to start 

making more of them. 

A Small Clutch

 I love this one in greys! It's made from a piece

of my hand dyed greys and the middle piece

is from one of my shibori pieces.

I'm having such fun making them as I am

making them intuitively - which I love doing!

What I mean is that I am working with a

purse pattern but the overall design is 

intuitively pieced.   

The fabrics are laid out on the table and then

the selection begins. That's the fun part!

These little bags are light and great when 

you just need to carry your essentials - money,

cards, keys and phone. 

I take one with me shopping when I don't want

to carry a heavy hand bag all around with me.

This should keep me busy for quite awhile!

Happy Quilting!