Friday, January 20, 2012


I love playing with paints -

and was so inspired by Judi's

(Approachable Art)

monoprints - that I had to try it for myself!

I found a step by step video at

by Linda Germain. Excellent!

After watching Linda's video I thought I

did it all correctly - my mold fell apart!

I realized, after going through the trash and

counting the gelatin packets - that I didn't

add enough gelatin. So, I had to make another

trip to the store. This time I made sure I counted

the packets correctly - and it came out great!

This is my first time and I was experimenting

with paints and inks and techniques ----

Setacolor paint - leaves for prints
I also used a paintbrush to lay down the paint

Setacolor paint applied with a brush
I used plastic shelf liner underneath and also
embossed paper towels! Didn't think it would work
but it did!

Setacolor paint applied with a roller.
I cut out paper leaves with freezer paper
and ironed on the fabric as a mask.
I tried making more prints with the paint
that was on the freezer paper after peeling it

Setacolor paints applied with a brush.
I used leaves and some drypoint with
a chop stick - also my hand cut stencil.
(drypoint - making marks in the paint that
you brushed on)

Setacolor paints applied with roller -
plastic shelf lining under and my freezer
paper leaves on top.
I used WAY too much paint but I think I
can save this piece with some black on top.

Too much paint that puddled - but I'm learning!
I really love the paper towel underneath! (to the right)

Next I had this brainstorm-
I had bought those aluminum disposable
cookie sheets that have a design on them and so

I used Tsukineko inks and painted the
cookie sheet with a brush - then with a
dry roller went over the top of the fabric.
I think it came out pretty cool!

I had lots of fun with this project and hopefully
will get better as I learn more about it!

Thanks Judi!!