Thursday, February 20, 2014

WIP - #2 Finished

Thank goodness all of the snow is

finally melting! 

I know that there are many quilters

like me who have a lot of WIP (Works

in Progress) or UFO (Unfinished Object)

just hanging around.

Some of them are experiments, a new

technique, a new pattern that looked

like fun.... whatever. 

We spend lots of money (fabric is not

cheap) and buy books and patterns -

and also a great amount of time and

energy on the project.

That's why I am determined to finish


 This table runner just needed a 

little more hand quilting and a 


I wanted to try the French Braid and

I didn't want a large project.

It's 64 1/2" long and 14 1/4" wide.

This is a very easy pattern - great for


Here's a very good tutorial 

French Braid Pattern 

I think that this pattern would also be

very pretty as a border.


I was so excited to see a new visitor

on my deck!

It's a Yellow bellied Sapsucker!

I have never seen one here before.

And of course my regular was back.

Happy Quilting!