Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowed In

View from my back deck

It's pretty to look at
But when it reaches to the middle of your window....
And you can't get to your car; you start to get a
bit nervous. This was one of the worse snow storms
that I can remember. Actually, we got hit twice in
one week.

(I can't get to the hospital to see my husband. He's not
doing very well. They had Palliative care come in and
talk to us.)

It did give me a chance to catch up on Dawn's
Vicksburg block (almost)

I'm up to my "Wreath of Cherries" block. I'm not
using my usual method of "Back Basting" instead
I'm using the freezer paper method. The freezer
paper is ironed under the cherries. I did try it with
the freezer paper on top but don't really like it. I
leave a little bit of an opening, then pull the paper
out with tweezers. I'm almost finished with the
cherries ~ then I have the 24 leaves to do.

I also had time to finish my doily and block it.

I didn't starch this one; I just lightly sprayed water
on it and then shaped and pinned it. I'm very
happy with the way it turned out.
Now I've started a new one from this book:

I joined Ravelry! And I joined a group called
"Doilie Heads" Cool name!
I never realized there were so many others who
enjoyed making them.
And...who knew you
could knit them!