Monday, May 31, 2010

Facebook is a great social network where I
have meet 2nd cousins that I have never
met before. Reason being is that families
today are spread out all over the county.

The other reason that I like Facebook is
that you meet new people and learn new
things. I probably learn something everyday
that I'm on which can be very addicting!

I was invited by a FB friend to join a photography
group - Macros. I didn't even know what a Macro
was....? So I read, I learned and took some photos
outside in my garden. Great! Another addiction!

I'm finding the photos that I'm taking are
inspiring me in my fabric painting and dyeing.
Still a novice at both but experimenting and
having fun in the learning process.

Here's a photo of the inside of a peony:

When I uploaded the photos to my computer and
saw this photos - I was amazed at the detail! I
also loved the colors.

So I decided to do a shibori dye fabric that
was similar:

The color is more pink than what my computer is showing.

The other day was so warm out and the sun was out -
we've not had good weather here in awhile - so I
decided to try some Sunprinting. First time since last
summer - so I need more practice. Still it didn't come
out so bad.

These leaves are from my Trumpet Vine. I went over
the leaves with the paint and should have left it alone.
But I wanted a darker color (after it was dry) I went
over it again - which I should not have done.
Lesson learned.

The good news is that I have all summer to play!

More Macro photos of my garden:

I'm on the last block for Dawn's Vicksburg BOM !! Yeah!