Monday, November 30, 2009

Friendship Star Block 1

I joined the group over at Block Party
See my side bar for the page.

Here's my first Block:

I also finished my Fabric Paper Art Quilt
This was from Linda Matthews "Free Lunch"
See my side bar.

I really had fun doing this project! The flower is a
photo that I took of a nasturtium in my garden.
I then printed it on tissue paper - another one
of Linda's lessons.

The background is paper fabric and also the leaves.
I used free motion, decorative and hand embroidery
stitches. I added my hand dyed cheesecloth and lots
of beads.
The orange fabric (border) is my hand dyed
fabric where I use Dylon Dyes.

This is my first attempt at an art quilt! I also
have two other paper fabric pieces to play with now.

I would like to encourage you to join Linda's "Free

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vicksburg block 3

I did remember to do my BOM for Vicksburg Dawn!

Dawn is doing a free BOM called Vicksburg.
If you would like to join in Click Here
Use fabrics from your stash.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Block Party - Quilt Along

(update note: Links are now corrected
and working - 11/7/09)

"Block Party" Two choices to participate. You
can join a virtual Quilting Bee or use your own
stash and sew along. There will be a tutorial
for a specific block; it's quarterly so you will
have plenty of time to do your blocks. And then
upload photos of your completed blocks
to the Block Party Quilt Along on Flickr.

(I'm choosing this batch)

Now here's the exciting part! Photos of your blocks
and quilts that you make with them might well be
chosen to be published in a book!
There is also a giveaway of 8 fat quarters of gorgeous
fabric! If this sounds like fun to you and would
like to join in Click here For the details.
This is also a great way to reduce your stash.

I'm in - hope to see you there too!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Guess what I saw?

Alzheimer's: Forgetting Piece by Piece
traveling exhibit. Only three more stops to go. If you
have an opportunity to see it; please do!

Friday afternoon I had a lot of errands to do
in Lititz. I remembered that the Alzheimer's
exhibit was at the Moravian Manor and so
I grabbed my camera and that was a no-no.
No photographs are allowed to be taken of
the quilts but you can buy the CD or the
book with all of the quilts and their stories
in them. The monies collected goes to the
fund for Alzheimer's research.

If the exhibit is not traveling to your area
you may purchase the book and CD

When you go in you receive a tag (like the
one above) and when you leave - they ask
you to write something about your experience.

I don't know anyone personally who has
Alzheimer's. Although I do know a friend and a
former neighbor who has had a relative effected
by this terrible disease. When the neighbor used
to go and see her mother she said "My mom
keeps asking me who I am." Sad

This exhibit was very enlightening and educational
for me. Each Artist has a statement next to their
quilt and tells the story of their loved one who
had/has Alzheimer's. To read the stories of these
women and how Alzheimer's had/has affected their lives
is truly heart breaking. Their quilt expresses their
heartbreaking story.
The construction of the quilts are fabulous as each quilt
tells a story visually, each one has their own way
of interpreting their feelings of this disease .
The visual impact is very emotional!

The one that really "did it"
for me was the one that said (paraphrasing)
"What if I forget that I loved you" well, I just
broke down and cried when I read that and
couldn't stop until I left.

Thank you Ami Simms for all of the work
you are doing and educating the public
(me too) about Alzheimer's and the affect
that it has on people's lives. I now have a
better understanding of this disease.