Friday, March 22, 2013


Here's a soft sculptured stuffed
rocking horse that I made to go
with the hand pieced quilt that I
posted about a couple of days ago.

Most of the fabrics are by Heidi Grace.

I used to sell these cute little horses
in a handmade shop on Long Island.

I also used to buy things that I couldn't

Do you have a favorite handmade
item that you just cherished?

Here's mine 


   She isn't very pretty but there's 
something about her that I just love!
 She just turned 21 years old.

There were so many talented artists
in that shop and I wish I knew the
woman who made this. Everyone in the
shop was given a number - no names.

She only made a couple and I was happy
when I got to buy this one. 


 I marveled at her construction - she has
eyelids and eyelashes! Her little nose and
ears are stitched. A lot of work and thought
went into this little doll. 
She's not perfect but then that's the charm
of handmade items. 

Happy Stitching!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Stitch Quilting

Another WIP (works in progress) finished!
 (actually two of them)

This is the table runner that I was
working on in my previous post.

I added feathers - hand drawn - that we 
learned in Teresa Fusco's class. ( a couple
of posts ago) Added the binding and washed
it. Now it has that nice warm vintage quilty
 I made this table runner a couple of years
ago to learn how set blocks on point. And
so I thought it would be a good piece to
experiment with different types of quilting.
Some Big Stitch hand quilting and free motion.
The old and the new. I like it!

The other WIP that I finished was a 
quilt from Fons and Porter magazine.

    It's called Training Wheels. It was in
their magazine Baby Quilts - November
2009. I loved it the minute I saw it.
I wrote a post about. My computer was
being repaired (one month!!) and I had
to do something with my hands. I was
going into withdrawal. 

 This whole quilt is hand pieced and hand 
quilted.But it sat on a hanger ....waiting.

I didn't know what to do with the border.  
Until I decided to try Big Stitch and I liked
the way it turned out.

The first quilt that I did Big Stitch on 
was the Folk Art Quilt by Linen Closet
Hand pieced, needle turn applique
and hand quilted.

I used regular crochet cotton and it 
was hard to quilt - one stitch at a time.
Until I read to use Pearl cotton #8 which
is much easier to take a running stitch.

I'm going to incorporate this stitch
in many more of my quilted projects.

I hope that you try it - you'll like it!

Happy Quilting!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hand Quilting

It's a very cold and windy day here in

I had planned to go to the Lancaster Spring
Quilt show at the Host Resort  but I woke
up with a terrible sinus headache. So, 
hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.

I decided to kick off my shoes, make some
homemade Beef mushroom soup and do
some hand quilting. 

I have some WIP (works in progress) and
chose a small table runner that I had started
way back when.... who remembers? 

I was thinking that instead of machine quilting it that
I would hand quilt and use the Big Stitch  technique.

I use pearl cotton size 8 and an embroidery needle.

 Big stitch quilting is also called the  Utility stitch.

 You may use a hoop or not. I don't like to use a
 hoop for Big Stitch Quilting because I like the look 
of the little puffs it makes -  It  gives the quilt a 
vintage look.

Depending on your preference; you can either use
even calculating stitches or a bit uneven where your 
stitches don't  necessarily have to be perfect.
I prefer the latter (-:

You can use masking tape or painters tape for straight
lines or your favorite marker.
Or you can just free form and stitch away.

I used Big stitch on two lap quilts so far; I will
post them this weekend. I just love the way they
came out.
It's time consuming but relaxing and very therapeutic.

To me there is no right or wrong way in making a 
quilt. It's the creative process that gives me joy.

Happy Quilting!



Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Projects

I have been working on some new

Designing some table runners,
centerpieces, and mug rugs -
snack mats. 

Having lots of fun! 

For the lover of music

I call this set
                                        "Good Vibrations"

It's a beautiful day here in Lancaster!