Friday, January 3, 2014

Hand dyed and painted fabrics

 Happy 2014!

I love painting and dyeing fabric and have

more than I can use.

Here are some of my hand dyed and painted 

 Fat eights in various textures and techniques.

Techniques - shibori style, sun prints, resist, blending.

I actually use paint brushes on some of the fabrics which

can be very time consuming but fun!

 Three piece set - coordinated - Shibori style Daisies

  - Hot Pink and yellows.

 Each piece measures 17 1/2" x 21 1/2" Just under one yard.

Rusted Fabric

Made from a small rusted garden fence

It has been neutralized with salt water

 All these fabrics are for sale at my Etsy


I also started a new blog about dyeing and

painting fabric


We have had so much snow here in Lancaster

 for the past couple of weeks - I'm ready for


 I have been feeding the birds again this winter.

A pretty Blue Jay outside of my window.

Here's one hiding under the table on my deck.

And of course where's there's food......

Happy Quilting!