Friday, March 22, 2013


Here's a soft sculptured stuffed
rocking horse that I made to go
with the hand pieced quilt that I
posted about a couple of days ago.

Most of the fabrics are by Heidi Grace.

I used to sell these cute little horses
in a handmade shop on Long Island.

I also used to buy things that I couldn't

Do you have a favorite handmade
item that you just cherished?

Here's mine 


   She isn't very pretty but there's 
something about her that I just love!
 She just turned 21 years old.

There were so many talented artists
in that shop and I wish I knew the
woman who made this. Everyone in the
shop was given a number - no names.

She only made a couple and I was happy
when I got to buy this one. 


 I marveled at her construction - she has
eyelids and eyelashes! Her little nose and
ears are stitched. A lot of work and thought
went into this little doll. 
She's not perfect but then that's the charm
of handmade items. 

Happy Stitching!