Friday, September 25, 2009

Quilting Gallery Bloggers

Do you belong to
Quilting Gallery Bloggers? (see my side bar) It's a
place where you can find other "bloggers" in your
Country and/or State. It's free to join and also fun!
They are also listed on Facebook.

Quilting Gallery is having a contest called
"Nature's Best Quilt Contest" and entries
end today. So if you want to join and/or enter
your quilts etc. do it today.

You can view the contestants HERE

Voting starts tomorrow Sept. 26th thru Oct. 4th.

I kept procrastinating about entering and
decided the last minute to enter after reading
Quilting Gallery's notice on Facebook.

Here's my entry under Small Quilts

It's called Lancaster Rosebuds and designed by
Carol Blevins. Carol is one of our local teachers,
designer and started the York Quilters Guild
I'm sorry to say that she does not have a web site
(I wish she did!) so that you could see all of her
wonderful quilts.

In this Stained Glass workshop we used fusible
pre-made bias tape and applied it using a twin needle.
I love walking around during a workshop
it's always fun to see everyone's
interpretation of a pattern using
different color combinations.

I used a lot of free motion quilting in this
project using decorative threads. It gives
it a very nice textured appearance.

For a very simple design; I think it's
very elegant.