Monday, September 2, 2013

Zoom Zoom

I so enjoy making quilts for children!

I just finished one called Zig Zag Zoom.

 I had some racing car fabrics and 

decided to make a quilt for a small


I bought high loft batting because I

wanted the quilt to be fluffy and not

flattened by a lot of quilting.

I drew out a shape of a car and cut

it out of cardboard so that I could

trace the outline with a pencil onto

the quilt. I used different colored

threads for the cars.

 It's all hand quilted ---

There is some straight line quilting,

and also big stitch quilting with DMC

along the edges. 

I also appliqued some "one way" signs;

I got the idea from the fabric on the back.

I think that it turned out really cute!

Happy Quilting!