Sunday, March 25, 2012

Free Motion Challenge - Ann Fahl

Photo courtesy of Kathi Iacovelli
Taken at the AQS Lancaster Show
March 14 - 18 2012
Ann Fahl

Thank goodness I have been hoarding
various threads for a long time!
I do have to restock on machine
needles; with so much free motion
practice and changing them often.

This month at Sewcalgal Free motion
Challenge our tutorial is from Ann Fahl!

Loops, swirls, flowers and stars -

Sulky Variegated

I found the stars are kinda tricky;
and mine look a little wonky but I
think that's okay.

Coats and Clark

I just purchased the Coats and Clark - Mercerized Cotton
- 30 wt. It's a heavier thread and I really like it.

I had bought Ann's book Coloring with Thread
awhile ago and really never had the time to
go through it thoroughly. (Life gets in the
way sometimes)

This book is a "must have" for your Free-motion-
embroidery library! Loaded with tips and ideas.
Here's a tip from the book that I'm sure Ann
will not mind if I share it (it's something that
I do all of the time - now won't!!!)

"Never leave the needle in your work when you are finished. Make sure it is in the up position. The needle can get hot if you sew for long periods of time, and it may melt something or cause a tear or a hole in the project"

I hope that got your attention as it did mine!

Ann also has a couple of lessons in the
book which I tried:

Ann also has some patterns in the book
and I'm looking forward to try them!

I'm a little late with my challenge this
month and really need to practice more.
I was on vacation and then when I came
back - Quilt shows in Lancaster county!

Next time I will post some photos of
the show at the Lancaster Host.