Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting Class

I have to relearn blogger - if you blog you'll 
notice all of the new changes! Honestly - I
liked the old dashboard. Everything was there
on one page - now I have to search through
all of the new features. 

I have signed up for painting classes and 
I love it!  

The artist's name is Ron and here we
are learning to paint in oils! A 

Everyone did a very good job! Ron
walks us through it step by step.

 Here's mine...I realized that an
oil painting is hard to photograph.
The flash reflects the shiny oils.

The hardest part of this painting
for me was the stream. 
This is my second painting and I
am enjoying the process.

 This little cottage painting was my
first class. We used acrylics and a 
little oil for the flowers.

I am looking forward to future classes!

 Mother's day flowers

 Looks like it stopped raining here
in Lancaster. Hopefully, I can get
some fabric painting done today.

Have a great week!