Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo Collage

I found this web site for

making collages

You don't have to sign up and best

of all it's FREE!

They only have 2 templates - here's

the other

You can make one of family, quilts,

your photos, etc.

If you have Photoshop or even Paint

you can "cut" them and instead

of 9 photos I made it 6 - for Example:

This I did in Paint (XP version)

Just open up you collage in Paint

Up on the left side - you see that

little square? Click on it - start

at the right hand corner and move 

along the top row of photos. It 

should outline the top 3 photos.

(This may take some trial and error

just keep practicing) It's worth it!

   See the broken lines around the top

photos? Once you see that go up to "edit"

Now click on "cut"


 Gone! Now what you do is go to 

"file" and click on "new"

  It will ask you first If you want to

"save" the photo (with the cut out)

Click on "don't save" this will preserve

your original photo.

Now you have a blank page

 Now click on "edit" 

 And then click on "paste"

It will paste the 3 photos that we just

cut out of the 9 photo collage.

And there is your photo! Now see those

broken lines - to make them disappear

for further editing - just put your cursor

"outside of the lines" below and just

click and the lines will disappear.

Now your left with all of this white

space which you want to get rid of.

Look closely at this white space and

you will see a little blue dot to the


 Place your cursor over this blue dot.

when you place your cursor over the blue

dot you will see a double arrow. When you

see that just gently slide it to the 

left and you will see the "white space"

move with it - just go to the edge of 

your photo and stop.

Great! Now see the blue dot on the

bottom of the white space - do the 

same thing and now you can "save"

your new collage photo!

I know this may seem like a lot of work

to some of you but it's worth it because

now you can do other things with it.

You can make a new banner for your

blog or even Etsy if you have a shop.

Or you can play around with quilt blocks

that you created.

Hope you will give it a try!