Friday, October 3, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

In October 2012 Melanie Testa, a breast

cancer survivor, had a "Call For Art" 

breast pockets. She wanted at least 1,000

pockets with the hope of having the story

published in a New York newspaper. But then

on October 25, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit

the Atlantic coast. It was a category 3 and

caused so much destruction! And so 

newspapers were filled with photos of the

devastation, people walking around with

no homes and just the clothes on their 


In the October/November 2014 issue of

Quilting Arts magazine is an article about

Melanie Testa and her call for

Breast Pockets. 

 Some of the artistic pockets that Melanie 

received in 2012 are published here  -

 and I am very happy and humbled that one of

my pockets was chosen for this publication!

 Upper right hand corner is mine.

I wrote about it Breast Pocket Here.

 Art For A Cause

Quilting Arts magazine is having a 

reader's challenge. 

"In the spirit of health for our sisters,

hope for a cure, and honor for those who

have traveled this path, Quilting Arts

readers are asked to create their own

breast pockets."  

Please pick up a copy of Quilting Arts

magazine for the details.  Honor someone

you know/knew who had breast cancer. I had

made them in honor of my sister-in-law Joy

and my two cousins, Ruth and Rosemary who 

died from breast cancer. 

I'm making them this time for to honor

two friends who are survivors! (Thank God!) 

Please remember to get your  Mammography this month!

I know it's uncomfortable and can be scary -  I had

gotten a call back because they had seen something that

they wanted to check.  Went back with my heart

pounding but thank God all was well.

Please consider making a pocket or two - it doesn't 

take that long and it's fun but most of all it's for a 

good cause!

Happy Quilting!