Friday, January 9, 2015

Too many projects

Although the temperature has been

in the single digits 

The birds are happy. 

I think that I committed myself to

too many projects! I'm sure most

quilters do this also!

I'm going to do a Tumbler block quilt

with my Hempfield group and I've 

also committed to a challenge to finish

2 UFOs (due in a couple of weeks - help!)

One I love - I found it on Pinterest

and made a pattern for it -

I am now in the process of hand quilting

it in a big stitch kinda way. 

The other is a Stained Glass

I am now working on the corners.

This small wall quilt is from a class

that I took when I first started to

learn how to quilt. Only, our instructor

had us make our own bias and hand stitch

it. This one that I'm working on I'm

using pre-made and glued bias tape

from clover. You iron it down and then

use a double needle to sew it on. 

    I also have a pile of eco dyed fabric

that I want to photograph and put on

my other blog. 


Happy Quilting and Dyeing!