Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stash Busting

Looking through my fat quarters

I found some nice summer colors

to play with.

As I enjoy making functional quilts 

for table tops, lap tops and or beds;

I decided to make something simple.

 Nice cheery colors for summer!

I also decided to do some simple

machine quilting on it.

 Just nice simple lines.

I also am very happy that I finished

another UFO quilt.

I blogged about awhile back">

It's all hand pieced and I also hand

quilted it. It has been sitting in

my closet patiently waiting. I was

unsure how to quilt it until I had

an idea.

 I could use various colors and 

different weights of threads - 

thinking that it would give the 

quilt a nice textured look.

And I think it does!

I Blended Big stitch quilting along 

with traditional quilting; I created

a maze with stitches. They are not 

meant to be perfect as the blocks

are not. I also decided, as it's

an artsy kind of quilt; to make it

a wall hanging and added a sleeve

in the back. 

 I titled it "Chasing Rainbows"

because it just reminds me of one.

I think that it's a very happy 

looking quilt; and I'm very satisfied

about the way it turned out.

The weather here in Lancaster has

been very hot! I went out to water

my garden and found that....

 they're back! Beetles doing their

business on my roses! Ugh!

 The Marigolds are blooming and they're


The phlox are just gorgeous and

beautiful shades of pink.

And the spiders are still hanging 

out having lunch (-:

Walking through the garden is such

an adventure! 

Now back to my stash to find more

fabric to use.

Have a great week and stay cool!