Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ha, I think I finally have gotten rid of
the pesky little fat gopher!
Probably a male.
I saw him come out of his tunnel
(food hunting no doubt) and so I
immediately ran over and put a huge
piece of slate over the hole! Yeah me!
So far he hasn't tried to dig around it
(fingers crossed)

Bush Fire Quilt Project: My blocks are in
each corner and one in the middle. Yeah!
It's the first quilt on the top. Thank you
Tia for doing this project. The quilts are
just wonderful!
click here

I have a Ta Da moment to share! I have
finally finished my Rose of Sharon quilt
Here it is:

Here's the back. You really can't see the seams.

It only took me a little over four years to complete.
Here's the story - which was on
a previous post.
I learned a lesson doing this quilt. Never take apart
a quilt top that has been lying around for four years.
As I was still an inexperienced quilter; I bought the
cheapest white fabric from Joanne's store. Well,
what happened was when I went to free motion the
squares; the fabric was stretching! The result was
some puffyness in areas. Not a good thing.
Nevertheless, I'm happy that it's finished and ready
to bring to my Guild meeting next week for the UFO
challenge. (and to collect my prize!)
I think it's very pretty and of course my daughter
Lisa wants it. (daughters want everything (-: !)

The free motion design is compliments of
Patsy Thompson Designs
Thank You Patsy! I first discovered Patsy on
"" looking for free motion demos. Free
motion is still new to me. I try to practice as much as possible.

I did "Quilt as you go" after reading
Quilters Cache
Practice first on some spare UFO
blocks that you may have around (somewhere -: )