Thursday, January 21, 2010


I had a lot of Heidi Grace's fabric left over
from my Training Wheels Quilt which
I'm in the process of hand quilting.
So, several weeks ago; I decided to make another
quilt from the left overs. I didn't realize that I had
bought so much of it!
At first I started with strips of fabric sewn together.
Then I decided to add the white; there was really no
rhyme or reason to how I was piecing it in the beginning.

I had all of the paneled strips sewn together on
the first piece; then I did a second one. I thought
that if I decided to do free motion quilting it would
be easier for me to handle.

I decided to copy the birds from the fabric and started
to hand draw them. I thought that it would look better
if I embroidered the beak, legs and tail ~ so that's
what I did. After finishing the hand applique; I
thought it needed something more. So I cut out
flowers and the kitty in the heart and I used
Steam-A-Seam2 (which I love) to bond them to
the fabric.
I decided to free motion flowers in a kind of crazy
meandering pattern. I like how it's progressing.
This is the second panel. I hadn't realized how much
time it takes to free motion. I only work on it for
one hour because then I start to get tired.

This is the second week that I'm working on the
free motion part of it; so I figured it should be done
by this weekend.

Then I have to decide how to add the borders, etc.
It's kind of a large Quilt As You Go and also
"make it up as you go" because I still haven't decided
what to do with the rest of it. (-:

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hope everyone's Holidays were Great!

To ward off those "post holiday blues"; I

started and finished my Block 4 from Dawn's

BOM ~ Vicksburg. (see side bar for link)

I'm now caught up and will be working on block 5.

Haven't been sewing much for the past couple of
weeks but I have been knitting some.

I just love the feel of this yarn ~ it's called Sensations
Rainbow Boucle. I'm knitting together 2 strands and
I like the design that it's making. This yarn is
distributed by Jo-ann's Store. The colors are a
burgundy and tan and will be used as an afghan in
my living room.

To my absolute delight; I found out that a yarn store
just opened up recently in my neighborhood! It's
called Flying Fibers When I walked in I thought
I was in Yarn heaven! I couldn't walk out empty
handed now could I? So I bought this:

Isn't that beautiful! It's 80% cotton and 20% rayon ~
it has a light sheen to it. I'll have to search my patterns
to see what I can make with it.

And Oh, my daughter Lisa has been bitten by the
Crochet bug:

Is that adorable! She's making lots of baby sweaters
and hats
for her friends. Check out her blog
A Stitch in Time
She is a new blogger and she asked
what she should name her Crochet blog ~ I told her
name it The Happy Hooker but she wouldn't do it.
Kids! They're such prudes!