Thursday, August 20, 2015

My front garden is starting to 

look like a jungle! Wild morning

glories are growing everywhere. They

wrap themselves around my rose bushes

and other plants and can choke them out.

So they had to go!

I saw this unusual plant growing which

I suspected was a weed. It's growing 

along side my Cleome but I decided to

allow it to grow, just to see what it


It's now six feet tall!

  I thought that all those little

buds would bloom into something pretty

but it doesn't seem to be doing that.

So, I uploaded a photo on the FB Plant

Idents page to ask what it was. One

person said it was Amaranthus - so 

I googled images and saw that some had

pretty purple blooms but then another

person answered and said that it was

common Pigweed - not to let it grow

because once the seed pods fall it will

be all over the garden next year. NO!

So out it comes!

On the other side of the garden as I'm 

weeding I find this

 Looks like some kind of scary mushroom 

fungi???  One person said it was "Dead

Man's fingers" common when you mulch

with composted bark. who knew?

Another person said it was Pisolithus 

tinctoris aka dog turd fungus - but

I did an image google search and found

that the color was too brown. I've never

came across this in my garden before - 

it's a first. 

The garden continually teaches me new

things every year.

I was on my back deck dyeing some fabric

and had a visitor....

 A Silver Spotted Skipper.

It wouldn't get off of the fabric; I

kept trying to shoo it away but it

would only come back. Must have been

the color! LOL

Fabric that I created last week

 The techniques that I used were fabric

manipulation and some sun print of leaves.

I Love the way it came out!

I also a wild grape vine growing in the back

yard; so I printed some of the leaves.

These two fabrics look pretty together

They are one yard cuts and are available

in my Etsy shop.

Have a great week!