Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Art Quilting Studio

I am so excited - I am in Art Quilting

Studio magazine - Winter 2016 issue!

There are so many beautiful quilts 

in this issue and I can't believe

that I'm a part of it.

Here I Am!

In this article I explain how I 

discovered an easy way to do image

transfer onto you fabric using your

home printer. 

When I first discovered this method;

I searched and searched the internet

to see if anyone had done it this way.


It's so easy and you use your home

printer but it has to have dye-based

inks not pigment based inks. It won't

work with pigment based inks but you'll

have to buy the magazine to find out

how I did it.

I experimented with this method for

a couple of years and the images are

still very good!

 One of the first images I used was

on this zippered pouch.

Hope that you will buy the magazine

and try it for yourself - it's fun!

Happy Quilting!