Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I have been spending less time on
the computer and more time getting
some of my quilting projects done.

Trying to use up my stash making some
small quilts.

I used all scraps for this little quilt
and am happy for the way it turned

and a couple of Charity Quilts.

One of the ladies from my guild had
passed away a couple of years ago.
Her daughter had donated some fabric
from her mom's stash.
I took a bag that contained some squares
and half square triangles. So far I made
3 quilts from that bag for Charity.

This is the lastest and I used up
the half square triangles on this one.
There wasn't very many of them and
so I was playing around with placement.
And then finally decided on this design.

I had mixed feelings working with Phyllis'
fabrics. I was sad because she is no longer
with us but I was happy to be utilizing her
fabrics for a good cause.
I placed the purple square in the center
of this quilt because that was Phyllis' favorite

I have gotten two more quilts professionally
quilted so far! Now to put the bindings on them.
I have two more additional quilts that are finished
and need backs to be made.

Here's one that Kim just finished quilting for me.
The binding is done and it's ready to go to
it's recipient - my son-in-law's niece.

You may recognize this quilt from previous posts.
The pattern is Wonky Stars.

A close up of the quilting pattern that Kim
did "double hearts" - love it!

I'm very happy with the speedy progress that
I am achieving! Determination and staying focused
are my goals.
So far so good!

Starlings at the feeder - I have to keep chasing them away!
They chase other birds away and eat everything.

House Finch


Saw a Robin Redbreast which means spring is almost here!