Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I promised myself not to start any
new quilts this year until the tops that I
have are all quilted.
(with the exception
of Dawn's BOM)

When I finish a quilt top it goes
in my closet on a hanger.
The ones that are completed are
either hand quilted or quilt-as-

So I was very excited when one
of our Guild Members bought
a Longarm Quilting machine!

And she is doing a fabulous job!

This is the first quilt that I had
professional quilted (for me).

Quilted by Kim Loar

I blogged about this top HERE

Quilted - binding on - Finished! Yeah!

I love the way that it turned out!

Here's the back where you can see
more of the quilting.

Large flower with meandering

Kim also did one more the Wonky Star
Cats but I didn't get a chance to do the
binding yet. Maybe I'll have time this
week. I have 2 more for Kim to do
once I make the backings for them.
Catching up! Feels so good!

I also have, in my closet, 6 to 8
table runners but those I'll do
myself using some free motion

On my previous post I had some
photos of my sketch book challenge -
Highly Prized.
One of them was my daughter but
I wasn't happy with the way it
turned out and so I did it over

I like this one a little bit better but I
had too much shading. I'm afraid to
use the eraser fearing it might make
matters worse.

I also did a self-portrait from one of
my photos.

Drawing faces is one of my favorite
things to do. I'm just using a pencil
for now.

I tried something that I never did
before. On the Sketch book Challenge
blog Melanie Testa did a video on
using gouache. I really wanted to
try this and so I went to Michael's
and bought some (the very inexpensive
one) And I used one of my woodpecker
photos as my inspiration.

I could point out several things that
I did wrong but I won't (-:
I'm very happy with this one as it's
the first painting that I've ever tried.

That's what the Sketch book Challenge
is - trying new techniques and challenging
myself to go out of my comfort zone.
And Practicing! Every Day!

Have a Blessed Week! Can you believe
it's almost the end of January already?!!