Sunday, March 17, 2013

Big Stitch Quilting

Another WIP (works in progress) finished!
 (actually two of them)

This is the table runner that I was
working on in my previous post.

I added feathers - hand drawn - that we 
learned in Teresa Fusco's class. ( a couple
of posts ago) Added the binding and washed
it. Now it has that nice warm vintage quilty
 I made this table runner a couple of years
ago to learn how set blocks on point. And
so I thought it would be a good piece to
experiment with different types of quilting.
Some Big Stitch hand quilting and free motion.
The old and the new. I like it!

The other WIP that I finished was a 
quilt from Fons and Porter magazine.

    It's called Training Wheels. It was in
their magazine Baby Quilts - November
2009. I loved it the minute I saw it.
I wrote a post about. My computer was
being repaired (one month!!) and I had
to do something with my hands. I was
going into withdrawal. 

 This whole quilt is hand pieced and hand 
quilted.But it sat on a hanger ....waiting.

I didn't know what to do with the border.  
Until I decided to try Big Stitch and I liked
the way it turned out.

The first quilt that I did Big Stitch on 
was the Folk Art Quilt by Linen Closet
Hand pieced, needle turn applique
and hand quilted.

I used regular crochet cotton and it 
was hard to quilt - one stitch at a time.
Until I read to use Pearl cotton #8 which
is much easier to take a running stitch.

I'm going to incorporate this stitch
in many more of my quilted projects.

I hope that you try it - you'll like it!

Happy Quilting!