Sunday, February 21, 2016

Winter and a Memory Pillow

I'm one of those people who really really 

don't like winter. 

 I don't think birds like it either - no food.

 I try to throw some seeds on the frozen snow.
The stupid squirrel broke my hanging feeder.

 Trying to find my steps and walk way.

But I'm  happy now that it all melted - well

almost. And yesterday I saw some life!  The

crocus is  starting to make it's way  up through

the soil! YAY  Only one more month and it's


I did some baking; which I love to do in the winter


Banana Walnut Cake - one of my favorites and

easy to make besides being delicious.

I was rummaging through my closet the other

day (I was supposed to be cleaning) and found

a couple of my husband's cotton shirts that I

had kept. (he passed away 5 years ago) 

I had saved the shirts thinking that some day 

I would make a quilt out of them but then I saw

on Facebook that someone had made a memory

pillow out of one.  So,  I washed the shirt and 

Ironed it and looked for a tutorial. I found a

couple to get a general idea and then did it my

way in the end.   

It felt kind of weird to be cutting the shirt; I 

can't explain it. I felt like I was committing a sin.

I know that probably  sounds silly. 

My husband worked for Verizon for over 27 years and

I  found an anniversary pin, what year I don't know

but it was when Verizon was called N.Y. Tel.

I put it on the pocket. It felt so sad and happy at

the same time. 

I then packed it up and as a surprise; mailed it to

my daughter who lives  on Long Island. She was

so overjoyed and surprised!  

I have some pieces left from that shirt and  am

thinking of some some  items to make with them.

I  also have two more shirts left. I might make

another pillow for myself.

I'm so happy that I saved them. I only wish that

I had saved more but I donated them.

Happy Quilting!