Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Motion Challenge

by SewCalGal

I'm not new to Free Motion Quilting but I can certainly use

the practice and to challenge myself to improve and learn

new techniques. That's what this Challenge is all about - it's

not a contest or a class.

There is also a Facebook page where we can chat,

show photos and ask lots of questions.

Every month there will be a FMQ expert teacher to give us

tips and tutorials. This month it's Frances Moore -

You can read her blog Click here

Frances does beautiful work and we thank her for taking time

to help us out!

I haven't done FMQ in quite awhile, so I'm a little out of practice.

Getting my space prepared:

I cut a piece of plastic shelving to put under the
foot control so that it doesn't slide while I'm sewing.

Sometimes I use the extended table and
sometimes not.. But I always use the thread
holder for FMQ - it doesn't let the thread
get tangled and it flows freely.

I wear the quilting gloves - I don't really like
the rubber tips. The gloves help me to move
the fabric more easily.

I always warm up before I FMQ and also
test new threads, needles, tension, etc.

I'm using my old faithful Kenmore sewing machine -
I don't know how old it is....??
But the needle goes up and down and it works!
It also loves to do Free Motion Quilt best!

Most machines have a Presser foot pressure dial -
**** check your manual ****
Example: 3 - is for regular sewing 2- for applique
and free motion
1- sewing chiffon, lace and other fine fabrics

I cut out the front of my darning foot with a wire
cutter so that I could see where I was going a little
bit better. I got this idea from Luann Kessi
May Your Bobbins Always Be Full blog
stop by and see Luann's quilts - they're gorgeous!!

Practice drawing out the leaf design that
Frances showed us on her blog - first -
to get the feel of the motion.

Keeping the stitches even and smooth
is very difficult but with practice will improve.

My first practice piece (in a long time) - not too bad.
I write what thread, needle and whether I used
the feed dogs up or down. In this case
I put the feed dogs up - for some reason the
stitches came out better.

I'm looking forward to more tutorials each month
and to challenge myself to practice a little each day.

Thank you SewCalGal and Frances - Miss January!