Saturday, January 25, 2014

WIP etc.

I have a closet in my spare room filled

with WIPs (works in progress). 

Most of them are finished tops that need

to be quilted. I have them neatly

folded on hangers. 

They are patiently waiting..

Every time I open the door it's like they

are calling out to me.  I choose one and lay

it opened on the bed for a couple of days

to decide how to quilt it.  

The one that I picked was a coin quilt that

everyone was making a couple of years ago.

It's a child size quilt and I love the fabrics in

it.  I'm just staring at it and it tells me that it

would like to be quilted with Big Stitch and in

colors. hmmmm good idea!

Again, I'm using DMC no. 8 and a embroidery

needle. I have 3 needles threaded in different


I just find it easier that way with this quilt.

I was wondering where this idea of Big Stitch

came from? And then the other day on 

Celebrate Hand Quilt Facebook page;

Pepper Cory

gave us a little history on Big Stitch.

She said that during the 1930's when women

were making quilts of wool;  because of the 

thickness, larger stitches would have to be

taken. (sometimes called Utility)

 (That reminded me of the old woolen Welsh

quilts where the size of the stitch didn't much

concern them.) 

And then in the 1980s Jo Clover went to England

and took a few classes and made some wool quilts.

Seeing that the small traditional quilt stitches 

would not show - she coined the term "Big Stitch" -

starting using perle cotton thread and started to 

introduce, promote and  teach it - and it took off from there.

Jo has 4 videos on YouTube - here is the first
one - she tells you what supplies that you'll need.

And so my quilt is half way done.

 It is being quilted in my Quilter's Floor frame

by Dritz and it's made with PVC, snaps together

very easily. I can take it apart and store it back

in the box when not in use.  It measures 39" by

28" small enough to fit in my sewing room which

is a very small room only about 12' x 12'. 


I bought it in Joanns a couple of years ago -

used my coupon! 

I have it tilted for easy quilting although I have

to say it's only good (for me) to do straight line

quilting; anything else I use my hoop.

I also used it many times to base quilts. I don't

pin them - I layer on my dinning room table -

roll it up - then bring it to the frame and base.

There are 4 plastic covers to adjust the tension 

which is great for me.

Hopefully I can have this quilt finished by the

weekend. (fingers crossed)

Update - You can see the finished quilt Here

It is also for sale in my Etsy shop Here

Happy Quilting!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hand dyed and painted fabrics

 Happy 2014!

I love painting and dyeing fabric and have

more than I can use.

Here are some of my hand dyed and painted 

 Fat eights in various textures and techniques.

Techniques - shibori style, sun prints, resist, blending.

I actually use paint brushes on some of the fabrics which

can be very time consuming but fun!

 Three piece set - coordinated - Shibori style Daisies

  - Hot Pink and yellows.

 Each piece measures 17 1/2" x 21 1/2" Just under one yard.

Rusted Fabric

Made from a small rusted garden fence

It has been neutralized with salt water

 All these fabrics are for sale at my Etsy


I also started a new blog about dyeing and

painting fabric


We have had so much snow here in Lancaster

 for the past couple of weeks - I'm ready for


 I have been feeding the birds again this winter.

A pretty Blue Jay outside of my window.

Here's one hiding under the table on my deck.

And of course where's there's food......

Happy Quilting!