Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oldies But Goodies

It's an overcast day here in Lancaster County

today. We're supposed to have snow flurries

today - I am not ready for winter!

My computer has been slowly dying. It's been

making a loud roaring noise. I brought it to

the Geek Squad and the guy told me that it's

my motherboard - )o:

My daughter was visiting from NY and brought

a Laptop that I could use in the meantime.

My old computer won't read any of the CDs

that I have; so I decided to use the Laptop

to look at the old Cds and then store some of

the photos and files on a flash drive.

I found a couple of quilts that I had made

when I first started to quilt.

The photo is not very good; I took it with one

of those disposable cameras. 

I took my first quilting class back in 2003 and

then joined my Guild at the end of that year.

In 2004 we had a challenge to make  a Black and 

White With A Touch of Red quilt. I forgot the size

that it had to be but I know that I went over about

2 inches. I was frustrated that I had to cut off part

of my quilt on the right side which changed the 

whole look of it. I was so frustrated that when

the challenge was over - I threw it into the garbage!

I was so sorry that I did that I could have learned

so much from my mistakes! So now I'm glad that

I found this photo so that maybe someday I can 

do something similar and better.

Here's another one from that same year. It has

some  3 dimensional flowers and also the butterfly.

 The next year was the first quilt that I gave away.

I was so nervous because it was for my cousin's

baby shower. I didn't know if she would like it.

Well, she loved it and stood up and walked around

to show everyone. I was relieved! It's a bento box

pattern that I just loved. 

Again, the photo was taken with a disposable

camera. That God for digital! 

It was fun going through all my old photos. 


Happy Quilting!