Friday, February 26, 2010

something old ~ something new

Something Old
I took out the quilt top "My Blue Heaven" which
was from a class that I had taken last year from
Libby Kube Hage. It's Here
Libby's was a wall quilt but I wanted to make
mine a bed quilt for a 'full' size bed. I didn't know
what to do with the borders, so the quilt went into
the UFO closet for the time being.

Every once in awhile I take out my UFOs to
see if I feel like working on one. So I took
out the 'Blue Heaven' and made a decision
about the border. I will add flying geese and
hope that it looks okay.
I like it! I had made the flying geese too large and
when I trimmed them down I had lots of fabric
left over so I added the half square triangles to the
bottom borders. Now it almost fits across my
queen size bed. I'm thinking of adding another
3" of the beige all around and then I'm finished.
This one is going to be professionally quilted;
my first ever! It just has too many seams for
me to deal with. This is going to be my "Quilt
of Valor" to my son (an Iraqi war vet)

Something New

When I first started to blog I would blog
hop to read lots and lots of blogs. There was
one blog that just fascinated me and that was
Jude Hill's "What If" blog. I just loved what
she was doing and her imagination is beyond
belief! Jude's blog is now called Spirit Cloth
and she still sews her magic!
Jude and two other talented ladies Glennis Dolce
and Elaine Lipson have group on Facebook
called "Slow Cloth". (which of course I joined)
You can read some of Elaine's ideas on Slow cloth


So, I decided to give it a try ~ On this piece
I chose to hand sew. I'm starting with a simple
idea and hopefully it will grow from there.
I'm using a piece of linen as my foundation.

Just simple but it's a start.