Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Decorative Stitches

I have been using the decorative stitches

on my sewing machine more and more.

Instead of using free motion or straight line

quilting on a quilt; I'm finding that the use

of decorative stitches gives the piece a very

different but pretty finish.

 On this batik table runner; I used a leaf design

with green variegated thread all along the

sashing lines. (in the ditch)

I really like the way that it came out!

 On this crazy quilt; I used the decorative 

stitches right in the middle of the sashing and

also on the pieced crazy blocks.

 I also used the letters on the machine to

write the animal's names on this Kid's snack


 Another great idea is to use this decorative stitch

instead of trying to free motion some wavy lines!

I love this stitch!

Happy Quilting!