Friday, September 12, 2014

And so it ends

I'm always sad when summer ends.

I had fun this past summer playing

with fabric on my deck.

Experimenting yet again with different

techniques and some old ones.

I did the stitched shibori which I

always love.

I used  Setacolor transparent paints

on "Cotton Classic" - bought at JoAnns

love the results of this piece! And

the hand of the fabric is soft.

And then I tried using a stencil to

make a sun print. I don't think that

I ever tried that before.

 I used Setacolor opaque Fig (color)

now I read somewhere that opaque will

not make a sun print - go figure. But

I did blend transparent Fuchsia with

it and maybe that's why it worked..?

Experimenting is half the fun!

I also tried Komasu Shibori 

I added borders around the squares.

I don't like the colors that I chose

for this one but I like the technique

and will try it again.

These a just a few that I did. 

What I wanted to try is to --- just

out of curiosity -- to make a historical

block using my dyed fabrics.

One block that I love is Broken Dishes.

It's easy and made out of half square

triangles .... but look

 it's an illusion. You can see

pin wheels - then a star - or just

boxes. I love this pattern!

 I used cotton and also my cotton 

sateen. It's hand quilted with cotton

thread and batting. I had no problem

stitching through the layers. It 

measures 12" x 12" - a small mat. I'm

going to try this one again with different


Another old one

Bachelors Puzzle - Only cottons

no sateen. Also hand stitched with

no problems.  These were made with

my leftover scraps.

I can't wait to try a few more!

The Garden ---->

Wild Onion - Allium canadense

I pull these out every year - they

grow all over the place. But I left

2 plants in because the  insects

just love them!

So, I didn't have the heart to pull

them out.

Even the Cucumber Beetle

This is what I will miss when the

cold weather comes. 

Happy Quilting!