Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well I'm finally catching up on my
Vicksburg BOM by Dawn of
Linen Closet Quilts

I decided that if I was going to catch up -
(I was three blocks behind) - I had to come
up with a plan and stick to it. So now I'm
on my way.

Ta Da

Everything is cut out and ready to sew.

Block 6 Hospitality - Just need to sew down the gold.
I did the back basting method on the "green" and
the "gold" part; I'm using the freezer paper method.

Block 7 Southern Rose - I love this block!

I'm using the freezer paper method on this one

Block 8 Cactus block

On this block I decided it was easier for me to use
the "Back Basting" method.

A good tutorial for this method is by Sentimental Stitches

I already have some pieces stitched down.

Block 9 Trumpet Vine

All cut out and the freezer paper is on the back
by the way. Putting the paper on top is kinda
awkward for me. You find which method is more
comfortable and easier for you to do.

Now I'm all cut out and ready to sew down my
blocks! I'm very happy that I accomplished
this much so far.

What's blooming this week:


And more Roses

Azaleas - Aren't the pretty!

Just a fun sign I saw while driving around the

And another - With good words to live by: