Friday, April 25, 2014

Eco Dyed and Imperfections

I had Eco dyed some fabrics 

back in 2010; washed and Ironed

them and put them away.

I did this to see if over time

the fabric would fade or stay

the same.

And they did! They were just

the same.

So, I chose the tea dyed with maple

leaves which I wrote about 


I decided to make myself a small

bag - to experiment design, hand 

embroidered stitches and also add

some machine decorative stitches.

I also used a piece of my shibori fabric

that resembled tree bark.

 From a distance, it doesn't look

too bad.  (although I think that the length should be longer)

What frustrated me the most is that

I should have been paying more attention

when adding the decorative stitches.

The line of the stitches is off at

one point about 1/8 of an inch! 

 And again a little further on. Grrrr

I even steamed and ironed the seam

before sewing to make sure that this

wouldn't happen!  

We learn from our mistakes - I'll try


I was so angry at myself and kept

saying "it's not perfect!" 

So I grabbed my camera and went

for a walk in my back yard.

I discovered "Imperfections" learning

to live with them.

Feeling a little Out of Focus  

 like your banging against a brick wall?




Pick yourself up,
Take a deep breath,
Dust yourself off.
And start all over again