Friday, August 31, 2012

Free Motion Challenge - Wendy Sheppard

This month's Free Motion expert is Wendy Sheppard.
I have been following Wendy's blog - Ivory Spring
for quite awhile. Her quilting and quilts are wonderful!

Wendy's lesson for this month (August) is "Jester's Hat" ....

I found this motif is very difficult for me. Maybe I don't
use the left side of my brain enough - don't know...(-:

Drawn on paper first....haha still kept getting lost.

On my first try - I started at the bottom and just repeated
the pattern on top of one another before I spread out -
just to get the hang of it. Well, I got so frustrated - I
just started doing scribbles! Let it go - come back tomorrow!

Next day: A little bit better....

I would start to get the rhythm but then I would get lost again.

Do I go up - down - or turn around.

I have three other practice samples but I won't bore you (-:

So, Wendy made a suggestion of making the motif larger
and then imagining sections -

did that and it was much better. (I think)

I didn't even try the more "cultured" hat motif as I wanted to
master the original first.

My plan is to still work on this motif and master it.

Thank you Wendy!