Thursday, October 21, 2010

Natural Dyeing + Rusting

I was doing some experiments with rust
dyeing - first with the SOS pads which
I think came out great (a previous post)

While I was in the dollar store I purchased
their steel pads and thought "What a bargain!"
But when I experimented rust dyeing with
them it was a bust!

The fabric remained white and the pads
disintegrated leaving these little tiny
rust spots. Not what I was looking for.

When I did the pomegranate experiment
with the skins; I think I might have
grabbed the fabric above instead of
another prepared piece.

With the skins still in the pot.

I was reading on another blog (can't remember)
that if you leave the skins in the pot; it will
result in spotting. So now I don't know if
this piece is the result of the skins or the
rusted piece or both! Anyway, I'm not crazy
about the result.

Then I strained the liquid in the pot
and put it in a jar with newly treated
fabric and left it overnight.

Still spotted!

I was happy with the results from the
turmeric. The colors are not true -
I can't get a good photo !

I have others but there are not worth
mentioning (-:

If you're interested in Natural Dyeing
there a good blogs to read!

Arlee is getting some really fabulous
results! You can find her blog
You'll have to go through her posts and
it's worth it!

And of course K Baxter Packwood!

You can find her blog
Natural Dye Journal

While at my sister's house awhile back;
I was walking in her backyard and found a
small rusted piece and asked her if I
could borrow it.

I'm using my bleached muslin and it's soaked
in vinegar. I had a bottle of vinegar outside
and kept going out and adding more vinegar
on it with a paint brush. It started to rain
while I was out doing errands - so I left
it out until the next day.

I was afraid that it wouldn't work but it did!
I love the way it came out and I have a quilt
already planned for this!

I'm going to try a couple of more pieces!

Some Fall Garden Photos

I'm sure going to miss my garden this winter!