Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm making good progress on the borders of
my Vicksburg Quilt.

I added some green sashing because I think I cut my
fabric too large - I had an inch left over. I am also
going to add some bows along the border. I like
the way that it looks. I love this quilt ~ Thanks
Again Dawn for the BOM!

"I'm making a Quilt For ME" ----> see side
bar for Linda Poole's Facebook page.
I'm keeping the Vicksburg Quilt Just For Me!
It's fun watching everyone's progress on their


At our Guild meeting this month; our lecturer
was Teresa Fusco. Originally from Brooklyn!
Teresa now lives in Pa. She was an instructor
at The Quilter's Palette in Fleetwood, Pa. but
sadly the shop is closing at the end of the month.

Teresa dazzled us with her art quilts which are
made using beads, raw edge applique, and bright
beautiful colors. Most of the quilts that she made
are her own designs. Here are a few:

Reverse Applique

Here's my favorite!

I just love this one! The Amish do not wish you
to take their photos, so Teresa drew the three

Teresa will still be giving classes and she is working
on her web site; which I will add to my blog list.
I love her!


I wrote about this quilt back in September ----

There is a "sister" quilt to this one and Ann Holte
from my Quilt History Study Group made a pattern
for it!
She Calls it the "Lancaster Diamond Quilt" and you
can buy the templates at her web site
These Quilts are on display at the the
Lancaster Quilt & Textile Museum until the end of
the year.


Another quilt that I wrote about last year was one
brought to our Guild by Marylou McDonald.

It was the Mary Potts Album Quilt and it has
85 blocks! Marylou was still working on the
patterns and now it is finished and for sale
at the Winterthur Museum Store. You can

to purchase this pattern. I'm
very tempted to buy it! Maybe for Christmas I'll
treat myself.


As you can tell - I'm really getting into Photography
and I love it!

Here's some Pics that I recently had taken - I hope
you enjoy them!

A Cardinal with a New York attitude!

I only have eyes for you dear.

It's a Bug's Life

Nobody's Perfect

Have a great week and see you in September.