Monday, June 22, 2015

More Shibori fabric

Did you ever tell your young children....
'The Moon is made of green cheese"

... the Servian tale where the fox leads the wolf to believe the moon reflection in the water is a cheese and the wolf bursts in the attempt to drink up the water to get at the cheese.

Fantasy Fabric

Getting a little out of my comfort zone

with brighter and bolder colors which

I love! I used Arashi Shibori technique

(Pole wrapped) for this Fantasy piece.

Available in my Etsy shop.

This piece I did with a technique

called Kumo shibori (spider web) 

It is pleated and tied and then 

dyed. To me it looks like a giant


Available in my Etsy shop.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Spring Clean Up

I read somewhere that "A gardener's work is

never done"  How true that is!

Because the garden is always changing;

some plants multiply rapidly. They need

to be separated and replanted in another

part of the garden. This is a labor of

love and the gardens keep evolving every


I started out with just one plant of

Solomon's seal and now have over 100


It's the same with the Hostas and the

Sedum ground cover. 

There is a story behind this Sedum

ground cover - when my mom bought

her house in the early 80s in Queens,

N.Y.; her elderly neighbor had passed

away. The Sedum was overflowing from

her garden into my mom's yard, so I

took a couple of  hand fulls and 

planted them in my yard

on Long Island. When I moved here to

Lancaster; I took a large pot full of

them with me. Now my gardens are over

flowing with them! They also have to

be separated because as you can see

they will crowd any plant they are 

near, such as my Hostas.

One day when I was weeding; I found

an empty nest falling off of a bush

in the back yard.

I had to laugh when I saw the blue

ribbon. It's a boy! Or the bird 

thought that it's nest deserved a 

"Blue Ribbon"!  

Gardening is a lot of work but it's

a great source of joy!

I also find it to be an inspiration

when it comes to quilting and also

dyeing my fabrics.

This Shibori rainbow piece that I

did reminds me of all the colors

in my garden.

The colors in this pieces reminds me

of my Iris'. I love this color combo!

May your garden be your source of 

inspiration - Imagine and create

something beautiful!

Happy Quilting, Dyeing and Gardening!