Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nature's Imprints

"Nature is the art of God"
Dante Alighieri

After the leaves started to fall; I noticed
that if I didn't remove them right away
they left imprints.

Coming down my front steps - Now this
may have always happened but it's the
first time that I have "noticed".

The other day, I went out onto the deck
to clean up some of the mess that I had
made from painting/dyeing fabric all

I had left my rubber dye gloves out and

Found a leaf on my glove and when I removed
it found this wonderful surprise!

Here's a close-up

I think that is so cool!

I also discovered some imprints on my
dye table

Here's a close up

So I thought what if I put some leaves
on fabric and left it outside.

I had some Tea Dyed fabric that I thought
would looked nice if it worked.

I soaked the fabric in some Alum and
went outside placed some "newly fallen"
leaves on only half of the fabric and
folded the other half over over that.

I laid the small rusted fence (previous post)
over it so that if it dried it won't blow away.
I also went out periodically to wet the fabric
once it dried to continually keep it moist.

I guess I was too impatient and just left it
lay for 2 days.....

It worked! But I should have left it out
longer - a couple of more days. I also
lifted the fabric twice and should not
have done that either.

The leaf on the right came out very
good but the ones to the left did not???
Here's a closer look.

Here's another one. very good!

This is the other side that I had
folded over. Not much of an impression
on this side.

"The fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living"
Russian proverb

UPDATE- (4/2014) Here's a hand bag that I made

with this fabric eco-dyed-and-imperfections.html