Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog hopping fun etc.

So this week I was going through my blog list
and reading so many wonderful posts!

This one has got to be my favorite this week
It's from Appunti patch ~ Linda's blog ~ I asked
her if I could show it

This is Nicoletta and she made all of these little quilts
102 of them! To give away as gifts..... but you should
read the story
On Linda's blog. What an amazing person
Nicoletta is and such a generous spirit! Bless her heart!

And over at Approachable Art - Judy or rather
the Dharma Trading Company is having a great
giveaway. You might just want to stop by and
leave a comment.

Belinda over at Brown Dirt Cottage has a Part I
tutorial on Clamshells - no not the kind that you
eat! Well, go and see for yourself - it's great!
THIS IS PART II I always wanted to make
one these - I could use all of my scraps!

Last week at our Guild meeting we had two very
talented and funny ladies - Mimi Dietrich and
Norma Campbell! I haven't laughed so hard for
such a long time and it felt good!

Norma is known for her "Trip Around the World"

And it's many variations

You know of course Mimi is known for her applique

The next day we had a "Stash Busters Workshop"
Where we learned some techniques and tips.
The pattern was a Carpenters Wheel

Here's mine - made with all of the scraps I could
find! I have a couple of ideas for this one but it will
have to wait awhile as I'm working on 3 quilts already!

One quilt that I "Just have to make someday" is the
One Block Wonders. My friend Julie and her mom
made one each and I just love them!
"Show n Tell"

Here's Julie's

And here's Julie's Mom's Quilt

Aren't they gorgeous! I just love them! A great
Mother/Daughter project.

What do you think I'll be doing with these?

some flowers
Rose hips?

and some of this stuff

Well, you'll just have to come back for another visit
and see. (-:

Photos for this week: (Please click on the image
to enlarge)